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Dear Readers,

I bring this information to your attention regarding Vergil Perryman of Earth Power International. I can reliable inform you, Earth Power International has requested that your company drawings be copied and redesigned, with a view to giving the manufacturing contract and O&M to another company. As I no longer work with Vergil Perryman, I would be more than happy to assist Posco with any possible litigation your company may wish to bring against Earth Power Group.

Earth Power Internationals brochure dated March 2013 and we quote ‘’Earth Power holds licensing, permits, leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the Electrical Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for a total of 102 megawatts while agreement for a further 1 Gigawatt is being finalized with a third party consortium’’

The statements made by Earth Power International on their brochure is completely false and misleading as of the end of 2012 all 102 megawatt solar thermal licenses have expired and Earth Power Groups and It’s directors Vergil Perryman and Khadiyjah Perryman are fully aware of this, however Earth Power Group is still soliciting funding knowing full well that the licenses have expired since 2012 causing considerable loses and hardship to the Thai license owner and other inverters in Earth Power Group.

Khadiyjah Perryman and Virgil Dewitt Perryman Jr are knowingly committing fraud and deception, by producing the March 2013 brochure; they claim to have signed agreements with the following company’s we are sure the companies listed below are unaware of the fraudulent behavior of Vergil Perryman and his wife Khadiyjah Perryman.

Atitude LLP Deloitle LLP Arcadis Group EC Harris LLP Vinson & Elkins LLP Macfarlanes LLP Macquire Capital Advisors AON Insurance Limited 3M Siemens Holland & Hausberger Rath Aktiengesellschaft Chasestead Ltd ThyssenKrupp Kawasaki Multi-Lab Morgan Crucible Co WCM COMPS POSCO

Please be very cautious and do your own investigations, you don’t have to take our word for it, if you carry out proper due-diligence it won’t take you long to uncover the various scams committed and in progress by the Perrymans. Please take our impartial advice and contact the companies and individuals listed. Virgil Perryman and Khadiyjah Perryman both are complete fantasists both suffering from extreme forms of paranoia and delusions of grandeur, they are both control freaks, be assured these statements can be backed up, by contacting the investors below, It is with absolute certainty your investment, will most definitely be squandered, once they have extracted your funds, your knowledge and your connections you will never see a return, if fact you will be treated with absolute disdain, they both have ripped off the following people running into millions of dollars: Readers please ask yourself some questions, why have so many companies in so many different countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, South Sudan, Malaysia, Singapore, Marshall Islands, the Middle East and the USA Costa Rica UAE and Thailand - with not one single facility under construction and not one single investor paid back, because the Perrymans are cone artists, calming their ready to start construction of 1,890.9 megawatts of solar thermal power projects, its utterly laughable.

Some of the people and companies below have been made bankrupt some are destitute, some have been divorced or separated from their partners, friends and love ones, some have lost their homes, their life’s savings and reputations, all because of two individuals Vergil Perryman and Khadiyjah Perryman. What we write is only the tip of the iceberg a sneak preview into corrupt world of the Perryman's.

The lists of names below are just some of the people scammed by the Perrymans. Please contact any of them, if you are a victim or you have been approached for funding by the Perrymans. The more people that come forward the better as it is our intention to soon bring the Perrymans to justice

Dr. Peter Higgs Tactical Global Management e-mail

Amanda Waterman consultant email

John Granger consultant email

Basil Jaradat Director of Marketing email

Alan Merry Business consultant email

Desmond Reilly - Save Global Energy Asia Co., Ltd trading as EPS-ASIA e-mail

Dan Henbest Sales and Marketing email

Toby Gibson Co-founder of the South East Solar and Water Management fund email

Richard Wilson Chasestead Ltd email

James Rotheram Business advisor and personal assistant to Vergil Perryman e-mail

Please contact us the more evidence we have of the Perrymans fraud and lies the better. Vergil Perryman and Khadiyjah Perryman have coned investors and governments from around the world. Please do your duty and report these shysters to your local law enforcement agency, its time we bring an end to the Perrymans deception. Be warned their coming your way, so please report these monsters for what they truly are. Below is a list of some of the Perrymans companies.

Registered address is at #14-01 Equity Plaza, 20 Cecil Street, Singapore 049705

Earth Power International Group of companies

Earth Power Asia

EcoPlasma Corporation SA

Alye International Engineers Inc.

Earth Power Solutions Holdings Pte Ltd

AIE America

EP Middle East


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This is not an anonymous posting; the complaints made against the Perrymans and their companies Earth Power Group and Alye International Engineers on various complaint websites are entirely accurate, my horrifying experiences has left my entire group completely mystified and feeling very foolish having invested large sums of money and resources over a number of years.

The immoral and unlawful pursuits of the Perrymans have gone on for years; it is now time to bring them both justices. Khadiyjah and Vergil Perryman are with doubt unscrupulous lawbreakers, using every trick in the book to attract further investment from overenthusiastic individuals and companies from around the globe, they both are grand masters of persuasion, so be very aware these two are totally unethical, paranoid and manipulative liars and they will rob you. Please report them to the IRS the U.S. government agency and FBI should you be approached by them.

Surmayye a'raasac Virgil and Khadiyjah

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